About Bentley Isuzu

At Bentley Isuzu of Philadelphia, Bentley Isuzu of Delaware and Bentley Isuzu of New Jersey we’re committed to excellence. The success of your business is what makes us successful. We’ve been in the commercial trucking industry for over 22 years and are proud to be the #1 Isuzu dealer in the Northeastern US. We are also a Nationalease location in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and Miami, Florida.

We offer new and used commercial truck sales, parts, service and collision repair. We are also a full service truck leasing and truck rental company.

Isuzu Trucks have earned the best reputation in the medium duty truck industry for reliability and durability.

Do you have questions about commercial truck sales, parts, service, leasing or truck rentals? For more information about Bentley Truck Services and the Isuzu Truck line contact us today.


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